2015 Success Stories

"Okay so I've been using this on my hips and I've only been using it for a week. And it already has faded my stretch marks a lot definitely worth the price and speedy delivery"


"This cream worked wonders for me.
When I first used it, it did make my skin itch and it felt very tight and dry and within 4 weeks I noticed a difference and I have now got my confidence back.
Will definitely be buying another tube very soon!"


"Lucky for me, I only have a total of 5 stretch marks around my belly button from four pregnancies. Since I stay covered up all the time, I wasn't using this for stretch marks. I do have a nasty scar on my wrist from surgery in 2012. The scar is raised, and there are six spots where the stitching left scars as well. I used this cream to see what it would do to this problem area for me.

If you look at my pictures, they will show you that this cream works! I used it for a month, day and night. I like seeing results, and it shows me that if I keep using it, I have the potential to have a much better looking scar with (lots of) time."


"I use this cream for about three months, my scar is almost gone! ! ! I love it! ! !"


"I love this product brought as tried everything to get rid of stretch marks due to illness and this has nearly got rid of them only using a few weeks I will be buy this product again. Very happy"


"I absolutely swear by this - it's the only cream so far that has made my stretch marks go away and it really tones your skin as well and makes it soft and smooth!! "



"My scar is visibly reducing & I have only been using loriellis for about two month ... "


"I had a surgery that left two horrible scars in my arm, as it was a nerve and tendon reconstruction. My doctor recommended me to buy this and use it twice a day for about a year, I had to clean the area, put the loriellis and sunblock on top.

I was very careful to not forget to apply it and the results were unbelievable. That was 5 years ago, and I still go around recommending it, I keep one in the house for any small scar like pimple and things like that.

Let me tell you: yes, it's pricey but it's worthy. It does takes time, but it works brilliantly.

From my two scars, the big one (12 cm), is still visible but very light and sof, noone notices it. The small one (5 cm) is now just a tiny line. You can see it fro, my pictures below"


"I am absolutely satisfied with the results.. i have beem using it for two and a half months and i can already see my stretch marks going away! The best thing is that a little lotion goes a long way. I use it at night and in the mornings some times during the day. I would. Definitely recommend it"


"Great product the best scar treatment by far. Noticed a difference after a couple of weeks of using it. Doesn't leave a residue or dry patches and you only have to put it on morning and night. Great"


"This product it is so good than I expected, I just used it a few day, my skin was better than before and my scar had faded. "


"I have tried loads of creams.
This has been the only thing that worked for me(on fresh scars in particular)!!!!
I use it on wounds that have a scab and it speeds up the healing too!"


"I had a very nasty scar on my neck (keloid scar) from an operation back in 2008, i have undergone thyroidectomy. I was only 22 and as you can imagine it was very difficult to hide it esp if u live in a tropical country where u cant wear a scarf!! So i had to put gauze pad each time i have to go out even if the wound has already healed just to hide the awful looking scar on my neck. Its not easy to cover it with make up as the scar was thick and reddish. Til my cousin who had a c-section recommended loriellis, i was desperate so i tried it, it was very itchy and my neck turned red cause of me scratching it lots of times, but i kept on applying it 4x a day sometimes more than that..days, weeks, months had passed but i felt like there wasnt any changes at all, i stopped, after 3months then continued again, stopped then continued again, it was like that for a good 3 years, i actually didnt realized that it has worked til i looked at the old photos, my scar has faded over time with the help of this gel, it takes a vety long while but it works sooooooo well, its highly recommended!!! Patience is a virtue! You wont see the difference overnight but as long as u keep at it you'll see its soo sooo worth it!!!! "


"Excellent fantastic amazing product!
It's almost made a very prominent ridge/scar on my foot disappear, not only this but I had some red acne scars on my face and when I saw the result on my foot I tried it on the acne scars - within a few weeks they visibility fading! I rub a small amount on the area with a cotton bud just before I go to bed. It's not advertised as an ache scar treatment but it really works."

Sofia | 2015-03-11

"It's way to early to talk from personal experience because the I bought this for my wife who has just recently had an op. It was recommended by a friend who used it with sucess on a scar so respecting her advise, we decided to try it. So far it's satisfactory and leaving a light "skin" on the scar for several hours after application but far too early yet to say whether it is going to make the scar much less visible which is what we hope for and my friend found in her case."


"Excellent product, quick delivery. Works like a dream, would recommend it to anyone covering up old and new scars. You can now barely see my old scars, and the new ones are practically invisible."

Elyssa M. WA, E.U.A. 22. Januar 2015

"Amazing gel! Works well on scars and stretch marks! Seen a big difference already and arrived a couple of days after purchase :)"

Mona D.

"This is by far the best product i have ever used in my life for scar removals......... after 1 month i can visibly observe the scars fading......excellent buy!"

Ohne Fleiß kein Preis

"I started to use the LoriEllis 3 months ago on a scar on my face that I had had for 9 months. I can honestly say that it has made a vast improvement to it. It has not disappeared but it was a very big scar a. I am sure if one started using the product as soon as the wound had healed it would make it almost disappear. I am very well satisfied."


"I've been using this four times a day for a few weeks and all of my flat scars have faded considerably. A few more weeks and I'm certain they'll have disappeared completely. They didn't alter my raised scars in any way though, and those were the ones I was trying to get rid out. A great product if your scars are flat and it's so nice to see a product like this that is Vegan Friendly. I would highly recommend it."

C. JO, Las Vegas, E.U.A.

"This is a great product. It is definitely worth the purchase. I have seen a great difference with the appearance and texture of my stretch marks, and it's only been a little over a month of use. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is trying to erase their stretchmarks "


"Love this product! It actually works !
I've been using this product for almost 4 weeks and wow! To my surprise my stretch marks have already started to fade. Cant wait to see what happens after 8 weeks! Will definetely buy another jar."

Karl-Heinz Schulze

"I am 8 months pregnant with the second baby. I have tried different products so far, this is my favorite. I hesitated at first but after I use it, I am very please with the result. It has a thick consistency, exactly what I like and has an organic smell which doesn't bother me as long as it has an excellent result. I will continue using this product after I finish my first container. "

Katrin Leskinen Lilja | 2015-02-20

"It is working on reducing the color and size of my old scars. I use it once a day and I can barely see the scar on my leg and it is has faded the discoloration on my old scars. I have been using it for a month and only once a day. It is a nice thick cream. "


"Not only did I gain 30 lbs thanks to birth control but I also gained awkward stretch marks. It took me FOREVER to find a product that helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks as well as preventing them now that I am gaining my body back. This cream has increased my self esteem! I was skeptical at first because of the conflicting reviews but now I'm proud to say I just ordered 2 more of these! I apply it in the morning and at night, it took me about 3 weeks to actually notice the difference and I'm loving it! No complaints here!"


"This cream is amazing! I was super skeptical because I'd read so many reviews for all different Clear Skin Creams and they mostly seemed to be ineffective and a waste of money. This stuff works pretty fast, I've already seen a huge improvement in the appearance of my stretch marks, I've only been using it a few weeks and I only apply it every few days, so I can't imagine how much better my results will be in the recommended 6 to 8 weeks. Would definately recommend this product, especially to the skeptics like me! I will be reordering until I'm bikini ready!"


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