Marksil - Proven effective in a clinical study

An eight-week consumer perception study was conducted in a clinical setting to determine the effects of LoriEllis Clear Skin Cream™. 100% of subjects reported in questionnaire results that they believed its use:

Reduced fine lines & wrinkles
Reduced Stretch Marks
Reduced Scars & Burn
Improves softness & smoothness
Improved radiance, tone & clarity
Improves feel of firmness, tightness & elasticity
Diminished skin discoloration
Improved overall appearance

In addition, visual grading results evidenced:
Statistically significant decrease in the appearance of stretch mark wrinkles & scars on the body at evaluations conducted after eight weeks of application (35%)

Moreover, instrumental analysis demonstrated:
Statistically significant increases associated with elasticity and firmness after four and eight weeks of application (15% and 13%)

Dramatic increase in moisture content of stretch-marked skin after one, four, and eight weeks of application (45%, 56% and 87%)

An 11% increase in dermal thickness accompanied by a 72% decrease in the depth of the stretch mark depression associated with restoration of the ultrasound image of a normal dermis

A significant improvement in color (-22%) and rough appearance (-22%)

A very significant improvement in stretch mark width (-27%)

In a separate eight-week clinical trial of the main ingredients conducted on 13 female subjects with stretch marks less than 4 months postpartum, showed the following results:

 Visibly Diminish the look of Stretch Marks
 Helps Skin to Feel Moist & Hydrated
 Help Improve skin's Overall Appearance
 Helps Make Skin Feel Visibly Smooth and Firm

Positive Results You May Experience While Using LoriEllis Clear Skin Cream™

Helps to make stretch marks less noticeable
Helps reduce visibility of discoloration of stretch marks
Makes enhance the skin to feel more firm, smooth, and toned
Helps to enhance the clarity, radiance, and tone
Skin may look and feel touchably softer & smoother
Promote the skin to feel moist to help with roughness and dryness
Improve the appearance of the overall skin tone in applied areas

The LoriEllis Clear Skin Cream™ formula is:

 Dermatologically Tested
 Non Sensitizing
 Not Tested on Animals


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