Vitamin E

Vitamin E - The most widely used antioxidant in skincare products today, Vitamin E increases the moisture content of the epidermis, making the skin softer, smoother and more supple. Vitamin E also assists in the proliferation and maintenance of healthy skin.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil - Lavender oil is well known for its skin conditioning properties, and is also effective in calming and soothing the skin.

Chamomile oil

Chamomile oil - Chamomile has a calming and soothing effect and is particularly beneficial for sensitive skin. It also helps to condition and clarify the skin, assisting to maintain its natural health.

Chamomile oil

Green Tea - Catechins (the medicinal portion of green tea) are well recognized as powerful antioxidants. Used to enhance your skin's immunity and rebuild damaged skin cells. Useful in the treatment of stretch marks, burns,stretch mark chronic photo-damage, aging and the effects of environmental pollutants.

Organic Aloe Vera Gel

There are over 240 different species of Aloe, growing mainly in the dry regions of Africa, Asia , Europe and America . The aloe leaf contains over 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds, including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids, and 12 vitamins. Aloe gel has been used for topical treatment of wounds, minor burns, and skin irritations since ancient Egypt . A major part of stretch mark treatment is healing, and nothing naural heals stretch marks & scars better than aloe.

White Willow Bark

The bark of the stately white willow tree (Salix alba) has been used in China for centuries as a medicine. The active ingredient in white willow is salicin, which the body converts into salicylic acid (check the label of your current stretch mark treatment, odds are it contains white willow's the probably the best stretch mark treatment). The salicylic acid in white willow bark lowers the body's levels of prostaglandins, hormone like compounds that can cause inflammation.


A very expensive aqueous extract of the leaves and twigs of Larrea tridentata (Sesse & Moc.) Chaparral was taken by Indians as a remedy for curing a wide variety of ailments, including arthritis , cancer , venereal disease, tuberculosis , bowel cramps , rheumatism, and colds . Today it is applied in skin treatments used for afflictions such as stretch amrks and acne, sores, wounds, and rashes.

Gotu Kola

Gotu kola is a slender, creeping plant that grows commonly in swampy areas of India , Sri Lanka , Madagascar , South Africa and the tropics. Gotu kola has been referred to as "food for the brain". This oriental herb has demonstrated mild tranquilizing, anti-anxiety and anti-stress effects, as well as improving mental functions such as concentration and memory. It has a calming effect on the body and is chiefly used to support the central nervous system.

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Today Buy 2Bottle Get 1 Free + FREE Worldwide Shipping!